Grand Final

  • TH as Sandiaga Uno, would prioritize 2024 election at the expense of sacrificing 2019 election.
  • Semifinals

  • TH as Member of UK Parliament who voted no in the 2nd brexit deal proposal, would vote yes on Theresa May 3rd Brexit Proposal
  • Quarterfinals

  • TH, as feminist, would oppose the use of fake orgasms
  • Round 4

  • TH, as progressive Israelis, would vote for the centrist parties rather than the leftist Labour party in the upcoming Israeli election
  • Round 3

  • TH prefers a world in which morality is inherent rather than socially constructed
  • Round 2

  • TH as the international community would actively use geoengineering to combat climate change
  • Round 1

  • THR the rise of Disney monopoly in the entertainment industry